• When to Repair a Windshield Crack

    Windshield cracks are often the result of chips which were left unrepaired and grew into a larger problem. Sometimes an object may strike the windshield with such force that a crack is created instantly. In fact, when glass cracks on impact it happens at a speed of over 3,000 miles per hour. There are many different types of cracks. For example, they may appear in a starburst pattern, with multiple cracks leading away from the point of impact, or they may appear as one long crack. It is important to seek repairs for windshield cracks as soon as they occur, so that a more expensive windshield replacement can be avoided. It’s not uncommon that a small starburst will grow into unrepairable 11″ crack just in a matter of a few days. It is rare, but in some states drivers with significant cracks in their windshields will be Read More
  • Minor Repairs, Major Bills - Don't Let this Happen to You!

    A small bodywork scratch: $1,500. An exhaust valve replacement: $3,500. A new trunk-release switch cover: $150. All are actual repair costs recounted to AOL Autos from drivers who took their cars to their auto shops with seemingly minor problems only to be hit by disproportionately expensive repair bills. And unless a motorist wants to fix the fault themselves or buy a new vehicle, most drivers in similar situations are left with little choice but to stump up the cash and grin and bear it. Or at least grit their teeth, hold their tongue, and then bear it. We take a look at some common repair jobs that can add up to a pretty penny. Beyond the bumper Deana May, at Los Angeles, California-based AC Auto finishing, knows what surprises can lay in store for a customer once they get behind a simple surface scratch or abrasion. "It's Read More
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